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Time: 3 months

Amount: $ 330 USD (one time payment or $110 USD per month)

What you receive:

- A hand written postcard from your sponsored student

- A Sponsorship Certificate

- A Shout-Out on our Social Media

- Pride in knowing that you have contributed to the education of a marginalized child


Breakdown Of Monthly Expenses For One Student
Student Allowance Rp. 600.000
Dormitory supervisor and Cook   Rp.   72.917
Food  (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Rp. 480.000
Uniforms Rp.   25.000
Learning Materials Rp.s  55.000
Accomodation and Maintenance Rp. 100.000
IT Equipment Rp.   51.615
Transport Rp.   87.778


Rp. 1.472.309
USD 110